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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27
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  • Religon: Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • Location: West Milton, PA
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A few weeks back I was sent an INFOGRAPHIC about the millennial generation in the work place from a person involved in the study at UNC.  At first I wasn’t quite sure if I thought the information pertained to our blog here at OneBeatBlog but the fact is, you are working with the millennial generation and if you are a younger youth pastor like myself, then you are a millennial.  It’s important to understand our students and what drives them.»
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Alicia and I get hooked on television shows (Duck Dynasty, Hoarders, Clean House) and thanks to Netflix we have the ability to watch shows that we missed the boat on. Even thought we missed out on the whole series of Lost, we were still able to watch it online. One show that I often watch on my days off is Monk. The show is about a former detective with debilitating OCD tendencies. Most of us like order, to some extent, but this guy is bad. Monk»
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“Deny Yourself.” Wait, what? The world and our culture as a whole has a really difficult time defining what those two words mean. Deny Yourself, you mean don’t buy that new I-Phone 5? I mean the 4s is so last year. You mean that I shouldn’t just buy the newest greatest thing even though its the newest and greatest.How dare Jesus ask us to deny ourselves. I mean it must have been so much easier in Bible times. I mean think about it what ar»
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Everyone who has ever written anything in their life has faced writer’s block at some point in time. I’m not one for sweeping generalizations but this one I know to be true. Every single one of us has sat down in front of a computer, piece of paper, or for you older folks a typewriter and said, “hmm where should I begin?” To be completely honest with you as a cherished reader, it seems like Alicia and I hit writers block every single time»
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There is something that I have learned about being a guy in my past 24 years of life and that is that given a dare, a guy will do just about anything. I was in a wedding as a best man this past weekend and the guy who was getting married was once a vegetarian for two years based purely on a dare. I have told you before about the fact that I took on a spicy tuna roll challenge because I could get my picture on a wall and a headband. I worked at Ka»
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First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who entered to win and I hope you guys will stick with us for the next 100 posts.  We want to be a place for equipping, empowering, and encouraging!  After 87 contest entries we have a winner for our $50 Amazon giftcard! Trevis C. Bailey Trevis please email us at with you address so we can send you your prize!
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If you’ve been following our blog from the beginning, then you have officially read 100 posts!  Whether it was a picture, video, or something God has laid on our hearts, today is our 100th post and we wanted to give back to our readers!  Who doesn’t like free stuff! We are giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card! You have 5 different opportunities to enter your name as an entry for the contest: Comment on this post with your favorite post up to»
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This week we started a movie series with our youth entitled “Now Showing”. Last night we showed this clip (above) and talked about purpose and the meaning of life. When asked whether or not our students ever felt like they didn’t have a purpose or that they were out of place, the answer was an instantaneous and emphatic “YES!” Sadly, many of our youth pastors and volunteers also may be feeling this way, despite the fact that God has cal»
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Students crave consistency! Be Present Be Prepared Be Trustworthy