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Pete Wilson's book Empty Promises "uncovers the idols we create in our own hearts when we fail to look to God to meet our deepest needs."
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Prometheus addresses has a lot to say about religion.
Article | Film >
Spiritual meaning found in the movie Prometheus.
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Some thoughts on Prom.
Article | Youth >
Our reception depends on our perception.
Article | News >
Future generations could be stripped of mutations like hereditary blindness or maternal diabetes, after a breakthrough study at Oregon Health & Science University.
Article | Evangelism >
Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples, a commission that extends to the present day, and yet Christians sometimes balk at doing so. Why?
Article | Work >
How to encourage your workers to be well-rounded, continual learners engaged for the long-term.
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Easter is "the ultimate blessing that makes all other blessings possible."
Article | Devotionals >
What's so good about the painful and humiliating death of Christ on the cross?