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Blog Entry | Christian Living >
“God didn’t create hurry.” That quote by Richard Swenson seized my heart during the summer months. I’d known for quite some time that my schedule was out of control. No matter how hard I tried, my best intentions to scale back kept turning into saying “yes” too often. I felt so boxed in. No mental rest. Always anticipating the next obligation. Forever short-tempered and stressed. It was time for a break. I mean»
Blog Entry | Family >
  Are you busy?  Doesn’t it seem like everyone is busy all the time?  Life seems a bit like the blurred background of a twirling merry-go-round.  Every once in a while it slows down enough that we can look around and ask “where has life gone?”  Have you ever asked yourself, “Who is keeping the merry-go-round spinning?” and “Why do I stay on?”  Let’s break it down and see if we can slow it down long enough to figure it out»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
When people ask me about juggling obligations or “work life balance”, I often feel they see me as the half-time show acrobat I once saw at a Mavericks game. She was this tiny woman on a tall unicycle balancing a growing stack of bowls. She would toss them up, one or five at a time, with her free foot while the other peddled. We all held our breaths and stared in amazement fully expecting it all to come crashing down, little acrobat includ»
Blog Entry | Writing >
Wake up at 5:30.Soothe crying baby in time for alarm to go off at 6:00 a.m. Get the other rascals out of bed. Make breakfast. Kiss a boo-boo better. Clean mini-diaster in the kitchen. Get kids dressed. Pack four lunches. Head out the door and hop in car. Realize still in pjs and run back inside. Throw on something from the dirty clothes pile. Smells clean enough. Valet the kids to school. Stop by bank. Drive home to a mountain of chores. And that»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Financial margin is not a reality for many people.  Many people see no way out.  They have been treading water so long that they can’t remember what it was like to have money left at the end of the month.  Each month they continue to come up short. For all such weary debtors, take hope.  A solution for our many economic burdens is possible. 7 ways to restore financial margin in your life: (taken from chapter 10 “Margin in finances” in»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Most people have very little or no time margin in their lives.  It is very common to hear people talk of having no time, lack of time, not enough time or being out of time.  Trying to get more time, we borrow time only to incur a time debt and end up with less time. But we are not helpless.  The clock can be resisted.  Time margin can be taken back. 7 ways to restore time margin in your life: (taken from chapter 9 “Margin in Time” in Ric»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Last week I chatted about 10 Spiritual Growth Books. And I hope I added to your growing pile of books on your nightstand. This week I’m highlighting my favorite business boosting books. A shout out goes to Thomas Umstattd of Author Media for recommending several of these. __________ The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. This is a foundational book for anyone in business, particularly those who want to sell a product, service or idea. It helped»
Article | Christian Living >
How do you spend your time, money and resources?
Article | Work >
Four ideas on how to better balance your busy work life with significant family time.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Simple yet effective steps to stabilizing your personal financial situation.