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7 Ways To Be An Above Average Leader by Eric Speir 5 Leadership Things You Can't Do Online by Daniel Darling 10 Leadership Reminders by Brad Lomenick Confessions Of An Apathetic Fisherman by John Bishop Leading Communications with the Forrester Question by Scott McClellan
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Scott’s tweet on election night was one of the best and most truthful of them all. The generation gap.  Every forty years there seems to be a moment where one generation overtakes the other.  The election finally showed that the ‘Baby Boomers’ are a thing of the past and the Gen X, Y or Z is now steering the ship. Transitions like these happen naturally in history.  Eventually, you either need to embrace that change  or be left in the d»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Following are some more great articles I recently read and recommend to help your church succeed in fulfilling it’s mission. Enjoy. 5 Characteristics of a Strong Mind by Michael Hyatt No matter the circumstances around us, we will need to rely upon the mental toughness we normally look for in our heroes, not in ourselves.We admire heroes like Robin Hood and James Bond because they embody the characteristics that we’ve valued throughout the»
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If you follow me on twitter, you may know that I went to Killer Tribes Conference this weekend. Killer Tribes is a conference for anyone looking for a tribe–an audience, a following, a community. Some of my online community (this is 2013, y’all) were there and it was so fun to hang out with them, as well as meet new people. There were several sessions, each jam-packed with information. Jamie and I decided to divide and conquer.   If you wan»