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Remembering September 11.
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It's been 11 years since that horrific day. Like today, it was a Tuesday morning. Eleven years later, we're still at war with th»
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9/11, Westboro Baptist, and the story in 'Hellbound?' | Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller, director of 'Hellbound?', »
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A church planter shares four lessons he's learned while defining the vision for his church.
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"Not only did I dwell in my own insecurities, but I had somehow created a standard that superseded God’s standard for me.&q»
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Laura Kaeppeler uses her high-profile platform to shine a spotlight on the 2.7 million, largely unseen kids who have an incarcerat»
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When an 8-year-old child weighs what a healthy 6-year-old should, there’s a problem. That was the case for a child in the Rio Gr»
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Switchfoot hits hard with Vice Verses
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The single most effective tool for breaking down fences between people or groups of people is to identify a bigger, more important»
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When the headlines grow dark, fight to create headlines full of light and beauty.