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So, now that Sundays are Q&A blogging days, I figured I'd answer a question.Here goes.Someone once asked me for my thoughts on professional sports. That qualifies as a Q&A question, right?Actually, I get asked nearly every time I tell another human man that I don't like professional sports, usually just after they symbolically revoke my "man card." Seriously, I've had that thing revoked more times than Batman has sent Joker to Arkham when»
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“Family and academics are more important than sports, until sports conflict, then sports win.”
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    The word misogyny became part of our sons’ vocabulary before they learned to master multiplication. Given the abundance of testosterone in our house (three sons, no daughters), one of my parenting priorities became teaching them what it meant to respect, value, and honor the opposite gender. There were times when I took this mission a bit too seriously. I remember the drill sergeant tone used as I communicated to my five year old after h»
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As I have stated before, I absolutely love inspirational sports stories.  The 2014 Sochi Olympic Games have given us a few so far.  Check out this story of Olympic sportsmanship at its finest. Olympic sportsmanship at its finest (This was written by Chris Chase from USA Today.  You can read the original story here.) On Friday, Dario Cologna of Switzerland won his second gold medal of the Sochi Olympics, finishing first in the men’s 15k Clas»
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Swapsies Sports is packed with 10 awesome mini-games. We love the original Swapsiesand this time, the spotlight is on sports. Whether they’re catching a pop fly, sinking the game-winning putt or running a football past the defensive line, there’s a lot to love in the game that gives little tikes their first taste of big [...]The post Swapsies Sports appeared first on Royal Little Lambs: Faith, Family, Health, Homeschool, and Heart Training.
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This Saturday, physically disabled children, adults and veterans from around the Dallas-Fort Worth area will defy common stereotypes and participate in adaptive recreational programs including water skiing, kayaking, swimming, basketball, soccer and others put on by RISE Adaptive Sports based out of Irving, Texas. RISE Adaptive Sports started with a mission to “assist persons with physical challenges to Recover, Inspire, Succeed, and Empower th»
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With school back in session, fall sports are in full swing as well. MC's playing football again this year. He just loves it!  His mama holds her breath and cringes whenever her baby comes into contact with some other mama's baby on the field (we've already had injuries on the team, including one boy whose kneecap is shattered--yikes!), but MC is doing terrific.  It's a big time commitment, but the time and cringing is definitely worth the con»
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Hoosiers is the first sports movie I remember loving. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s about a small town high school boys basketball team in Indiana that won the state championship in 1954. Wikipedia claims it is loosely based on a true story, for what it’s worth. It was released in 1986 and I must have first seen it around then. But that’s not when I was moved to tears watching it. 1992 was my first trip to China (you can read about»
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In this episode of the Xtra Bacon podcast, Knox and Mark discuss the hot button issues surrounding sports fandom. Is it ok to cry? Can ALL adults wear sports jerseys or just some? Can you ever say we when talking about your favorite team? The answer to these burning questions and moreREVEALED. Check out the website,  Also, PLEASE subscribe to the podcast here. Also, you can follow us on Twitter here. And Like us on the Book of Fac»
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When watching sports, do you refer to teams as WE? If so, then this excerpt of tomorrow’s Xtra Bacon podcast is most probably for you. The above clip is an excerpt and pertains to this exact issue. Also, there’s an extra credit portion about who I look like from Entourage. Click to subscribe on iTunes  Click to follow on Youtube