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Article | Sports and Recreation >
How far is too far with sportsmanship between rivals? What if, as Christians, we showed joy even when our opponents succeeded? A g»
Article | Sports and Recreation >
The sports feud between Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen can provide lessons for Christians.
Article | Sports and Recreation >
Sports from a spiritual angle
Article | Sports and Recreation >
Christian themes can be found in quotes from Alabama coach Nick Saban's National Championship press conference.
Article | Cause >
Sports DJ tells of his family's journey to adoption through Buckner International.
Article | Youth Leaders >
A look at if athletic programs are taking away from youth ministries.
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About Lake Point Church:

We are a new church plant north of Atlanta settling on the LakePoint Sports development.

Blog Entry | Christian Living >
So, now that Sundays are Q&A blogging days, I figured I'd answer a question.Here goes.Someone once asked me for my thoughts on professional sports. That qualifies as a Q&A question, right?Actually, I get asked nearly every time I tell another human man that I don't like professional sports, usually just after they symbolically revoke my "man card." Seriously, I've had that thing revoked more times than Batman has sent Joker to Arkham when»
Blog Entry | News >
“Family and academics are more important than sports, until sports conflict, then sports win.”