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Article | Youth >
Bruce Chapman encourages youth to remember that worship isn't just about Sunday, it's about daily obedience to God.
Article | Music >
'No Other Name': Ryan Brymer discusses the newest album released by Hillsong Worship.
Article | Technology >
Mike Sessler with Church Tech Arts reviews the Shift Worship Media Creator iOS app.
Article | Church Leadership >
Knowing when to start an additional worship service can be challenging. Paul Alexander offers five concepts to consider before add»
Article | Worship >
Stephen Brewster interviews two of the band leaders from Elevation Worship about songwriting, style and what makes a great worship»
Article | Worship >
What is it exactly that makes one combination of musical notes more sacred than another? According to a local worship leader and »
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Jeff Brodie encourages church leaders to be more intentional about giving as worship.
Article | News >
by Ken Camp with ABPNews
Church music is not just for worship. It also is a tool for teaching what a congregation believes.
Article | Worship >
Stephen Miller, author of "Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars," makes the claim for all worshippers to be theologian»
Article | Worship >
Aubry Smith reviews " The Dangerous Act of Worship: Living God’s Call to Justice" by Mark Labberton and published by I»