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Article | Spiritual Growth >
You are kind, smart & important, Louis Markos talks about the worth we have in Christ.»
Article | Women >
Milk & Honey looks at the role of women and a woman's worth.»
Article | Missions >
I'd been to Russia three times to serve orphans, but after my return stateside, each trip left me wondering, "Was the sacrifi»
Article | Bible Study >
What's the difference between being worthless and priceless? A short devotional take on Psalm 119:37.
Article | Devotionals >
Shay Barnett reflects on the danger of judging others based on our own assumptions.
Article | Missions >
Discussing money in church will offend half of the crowd, but that's OK. It's too important NOT to discuss.
Article | Women >
Jesus redeems women despite their culture's views on the "weaker sex." And so must we, the church.»
Article | Christian Living >
Stephanie May writes about her time as a blogger and the importance of truly living life.
Article | Family >
Moms, don't wish away the days of endless carpooling too soon.
Article | Bible Study >
Dave Dunham looks at Mark 10:32-45, where James and John ask Jesus for places of power, ignorant of what they're really asking for»