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"Admit it, you've thought about writing a book. According to a recent reader survey, 61.5% of my blog readers have »
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In this episode of "This is Your Life," Michael Hyatt shares 7 practical tips he's learned on how to craft kil»
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I’m Writing a New Book, and I’d Like Your Opinion Let your voice be heard on my website… I’m excited to say my new book releases next year, published by Baker Publishing Group! The book will look at the life of Joseph, particularly how his life models a person who learned how to wait on God. (Photo: by Graig Garner) In the brainstorm session with Baker to finalize a title, these three titles made the final cut. I woul»
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Writings | Shirley Scurlock.
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If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, I have good news for you. Help is on the way! For years, I’ve met with many people who shared with me their dreams of writing their first book. If could be fiction. Non-fiction. A screenplay. A spiritual memoir or family history. Muchas ideas. Many dreams. I’ve sat down with a lot of aspiring writers for a cup of coffee who have asked me, “How do I write my first book? Where do I begin? Should I s»
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What is it about Writing that makes us learn more about ourselves and the world around us? I've learned that journaling daily is»
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Thomas Merton is my favorite spiritual writer. This now-dead Trappist monk and brilliant writer who lived a quiet and creative life of prayer at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, is one of the keenest theological minds of the 20th century. His thoughts and theology on creativity, the writing life, the restorative work of the Trinity and the kingdom of God on earth are elegant, weighty musings. The best way I can describe reading Merton is thi»
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Welcome to Joey Recommends! This is a new video series where I personally recommend some of my favorite writing tools, books, movies and creative resources to help you in your personal and professional life. If you’re a writer or aspiring author, you might have missed my post a couple months when I recommended Michael Hyatt’s, Writing a Winning Book Proposal. Michael Hyatt’s eBook is an excellent resource to help you understand»
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In which I finish writing the most important talk I’ve ever given. How do I summarize twenty-three years of marriage in ten minutes or less? How can I accurately and soberly prepare them—without scaring them off? How can I communicate that the vows which they are about to make to make will be repeatedly tested—and that the testing will be both the most difficult as well as the most rewarding endeavor that they have ever embarked upon? In Th»
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A few days after writing this post on writing brave, God began to reveal more to my heart. So this is Part 2 of my own journey of writing brave. There is a certain level of vulnerability when we accept the challenge to write brave. Once we say yes, there will be obstacles to overcome. Why? Because writing brave paves the way for crooked paths to be made straight, for broken hearts to be made whole, and for depression to be replaced with joy. For»