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Article | Bible Study >
Whether single or married, a Christian bears the responsibility to seek Christ above all.
Article | Culture >
It’s time to speak honestly about sex
Article | Bible Study >
Childbirth in the ancient world carried legitimate fears of writhing and death—as is still true in much of the developing world »
Article | News >
After announcing earlier this week that it will no longer define marriage as between a man and a woman in its employee conduct man»
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Tony Myles suggests eight ways to deepen your spiritual life during the hectic Christmas season.
Article | Family >
Seven couples tied the knot this summer in a wedding unlike any you've ever attended!
Article | Relationships >
What is a pastor to do with church couples who admit during premarital counseling to being sexually active?
Article | Youth Leaders >
One writer thinks sex is the number one reason kids are leaving the church.
Article | Parenting >
Why should parents talk frankly with their children about sex?
Article | News >
Teen births are at their lowest level in almost 70 years, federal data report today. Birthrates for ages 15-19 in all racial and e»