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Despite the rollout of the federal Affordable Care Act a growing number of American Christians have joined so-called health sharin»
Article | Food and Hospitality >
The spaghetti squash is a healthy pasta alternative to the traditional Italian meal. Try this easy and delicious carb-free meal to»
Article | News >
Outraged by the raunchy behavior, or simply to capture some of the Super Bowl’s supersized audience, some religious programmers »
Article | Bible Study >
M. Scott Boren dissects the different ways Christians tend to read the Bible, then offers an alternative, broad approach.
Article | Cause >
Humanitarian organizations offer gift catalogues to help the most needy in addition, or as an alternative, to your regular Christm»
Article | Food and Hospitality >
Healthy alternatives to peanut butter, along with tips and recipes to try yourself.
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Undergraduates for a Better Yale College began offering an alternative to Sex Week called True Love Week.
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The culture war descendants of Americans Puritan founders are feeling increasingly alienated and even persecuted in the society th»
Article | Wellness >
Dr. Josh Axe gives ten reasons why you should think about getting chiropractic treatment.
Article | Missions >
Jason Johnson addresses the misconceptions church people have about adoption.