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  Click the image above to read my comparison of Matt Jamison and Job on HBO’s site for The Leftovers.
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The comparison trap is allowing yourself to fall prey to the fantasy that everyone else’s life is better than yours. The comparison trap will tell you that your kids aren’t as good as someone else’s kids. The comparison trap tries to convince you that your job isn’t as good as someone else’s job. The comparison trap []The post The Comparison Trap – Your Life Will Never Measure Up appeared first on FaithsMessenger.Com.
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Do you allow what others have to keep you from enjoying what you have? Who would you secretly enjoy seeing fail? Comparison is a leech. It will literally suck the life out of you. Start your week off with a connection to something greater.Try on one of the hardest commandments in the Bible... that will actually lead you to Life:Count your blessings. "O my soul, bless God, don’t forget a single blessing!" (Psalm 103:2, The Message)
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Comparison can be helpful for inspiration, or to light a bit of a competitive fire under you. But do it too often and you’ll fall into the comparison trap. These are three common tendencies that can ensnare any of us if we’re not careful. 1.  You overly compare yourself with those who are better. We rarely []The post 3 Signs You’ve Fallen Into the Comparison Trap appeared first on Mike Kim.
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Comparison is the thief of joy. ~Theodore Roosevelt I’ve never been very successful meeting other moms at the park or other kid-friendly places. Somehow, it always goes all wrong. I try to be friendly, but it often falls flat. On social media, it’s often easier to make friends. But I wonder if I saw this [...]The post 31 Days of Servant Leadership: Comparison appeared first on Royal Little Lambs: Faith, Family, Health, Homeschool, and Heart T»
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Overcoming Comparison | Marriage Today
Have you ever been jealous of someone's »
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Life can be difficult sometimes. One thing we all have in common is that we all have one. A life, that is. A Life of Comparisons Human’s love to compare. We compare homes, we compare cars, we comparison shop, we compare our children. Making comparisons in and of itself is fine, but the problem arises when we [...]The post Life Comparisons – Don’t let the Devil tell you that you have ugly feet appeared first on FaithsMessenger.Com.
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Comparison is a killer. It kills your joy. It kills contentment. It kills perseverance. It kills relationships. How do I know this? I’ve done it. So much. Here are three ways to STOP the comparing game. One. Don’t compare to others & think you have to be that way to be spiritual or successful or right. I watch others. I am not a creeper (I hope), but I do watch. I see how some people reach out to others with joy, having hospitable homes,»
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How do you know if your marriage is pleasing to God and that you’re holding up your responsibility as a spouse?  The surprising teaching of Scripture is that it’s not by comparing yourself to your spouse (how well you love compared with how well they love)—it’s by comparing yourself now with yourself last year. Increasing Love. The real way to answer this question is by asking: “Am I progressing in my love for my spouse? Do I love him/»
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{This is not about why anybody should homeschool, nor is it a manifesto for guilt trips. I'm joining Jennifer Lee in the "Love Idol" movement as we contemplate our need for approval for Lent.} "I could never do that," is what I told my friend 15 years ago inside the Chapel sanctuary. We had congregated after our multi-denominational service while stationed in a small German town overseas. Her family was the first homeschoolers I'd met, in rea»