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i wanted to start this blog to show the journey I went through to becoming a believer... so I guess a good way to start this is to tell about my family back when I was a little girl. Back then my mom was on drugs. And my dad was a very angry person. He raped my mom and beat her pulling guns on her and other things. He was very deceitful and cruel and still is today. the day they got married my dad looked at my mom and said I own you. (WHICH IS WHY I HAVE TO YET MARRY MY FIANCEE OF 3 YEARS IM SO SCARED TO GIVE MYSELF TO BE OWNED BY SOMEONE ELSE WHICH I NEED GOD HE ...

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Let's give Dads credit: they most often do know what they are doing when it comes to parenting.
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It's important for dads to have adventures with their sons.
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Mark Merrill, author of All Pro Dad, talks about his struggles to practice patience and kindness with his kids.
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