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Drought in Niger
World Vision is helping villagers during»

This was originally published on my website: on July 5, 2012 I had a core meltdown today. A call-your-mama-and-cry kind of meltdown. Why? Two things triggered the onset of emotion, but the real reason is far deeper, and I'll get to that. I'm a freelance writer. I love what I do. I work from home, make my own hours, and get to have the flexibility to do most things I want when I want. The setback to my job? There is a real ebb and flow to the business. Sometimes I'm crazy busy. Other times I'm not. Over the three years I've been in t ...

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In this excerpt from Jonathan Merritt's book, "Jesus is Better Than You Imagined," he shares how he met Jesus in the sil»
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The Epoch Awards recognize the small, little-known causes and their leaders who have served the Kingdom of God in fighting injusti»
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Knowing who put you in your job and why you are there will help you maximize your effectiveness and success in your work.
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Russell, with Water is Basic, meets Edward, a long-time coffee farmer who has endured through decades of war and drought.
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Pastor and church planter Brandon Cox shares a major core value of his church: trusting, teaching, obeying, and living out the mes»
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Jim Denison looks at the difference in God allowing pain versus causing it.
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Simple and easy ways for your family to extend the gift of Christmas to others.
Article | Media > is a new, unique, quality Christian stock photography site incorporating a few brilliant ideas that will help churc»