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i wanted to start this blog to show the journey I went through to becoming a believer... so I guess a good way to start this is to tell about my family back when I was a little girl. Back then my mom was on drugs. And my dad was a very angry person. He raped my mom and beat her pulling guns on her and other things. He was very deceitful and cruel and still is today. the day they got married my dad looked at my mom and said I own you. (WHICH IS WHY I HAVE TO YET MARRY MY FIANCEE OF 3 YEARS IM SO SCARED TO GIVE MYSELF TO BE OWNED BY SOMEONE ELSE WHICH I NEED GOD HE ...

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Former prostitue Annie Lobert talks about the sex industry, battling cancer, getting hooked on drugs and finally finding salvation»
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Even in his darkest hours, trapped in a maelstrom of drugs, alcohol, and rock ā€˜nā€™ roll, Scott Stapp never lost faith in God. T»
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Antibiotic medications are one of the most over-prescribed drugs in America today. Physician, Josh Axe says that the overuse of th»
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Justin Timberlake's new record is chock-full of drug references that you should be aware of.
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Players associated with performance enhancing drugs are not inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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A past filled with pain isn't stopping this teen from looking toward his future and dreaming big. Bernardo lives at the Buckner Pa»
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by with FERVR
Does the Bible say anything about drug use?
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Dave Dunham reflects on the dangers of a disembodied theology that contradicts a biblically-informed understanding of persons.
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Dr. Josh Axe gives ten reasons why you should think about getting chiropractic treatment.