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Children suffering from (ADHD) are more than twice as likely to try and abuse drugs
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It may not surprise you that recent studies show one out of every four teenagers will abuse prescription drugs in their lifetime. But you may have not known that experts say more kids die abusing prescription drugs than cocaine and heroine combined. As parents,  we’re …
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Canton Jones—the Grammy, Stellar and Dove Award nominee—will release his new mixtape Lust, Drugs & Gospel as a free download starting Tuesday, February 18th. This full length release will serve as an appetizer while fans wait for God City, USA to be released this Spring. On “Prod…
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Among eighth-graders, 15% said they had used drugs in the past year
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60% of teens report that drugs are purchased, bought, and used at their school. But […]
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Most teens will experiment with alcohol and / or drugs at some point – for […]
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Here is a great resource to use with parents when discussing the issue of teenagers and illicit drug use (includes alcohol and tobacco).Original link:
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The findings showed that males are more likely to drive after using drugs or drinking […]
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Hey guys...only 2 more weeks 'til school starts :) In the meantime, here's an easy giveaway for ya.  Click here to take a short (one question) survey to be entered to win a $200 gift card to, courtesy of Smiley360 and Emergen-C.   Just in case you're wondering,…
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Young children had the greatest risk of being poisoned by diabetes drugs (60.2 percent) and [...]