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Article | Church Leadership >
Quick church growth may leave some church staff struggling to keep up. What are you doing as church leader to help?
Article | Church Leadership >
What can be done if your church or organization is experiencing rapid growth?
Article | Spiritual Growth >
An excerpt from Stress Point: The Twists and Turns of Growing Spiritually by Sarah Francis Martin
Article | Parenting >
Encourage your children to grow up in the strengths God gave them instead of hoping they'll get picked for a certain job.
Article | Discipleship >
Do you work to make disciples that can then make disciples?
Article | News >
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gained the most regular members in the last 10 years, growing by nearly 2 million to a total of 6.14 million adherents in 13,600 congregations.
Article | News >
Violations of freedom of religion or belief in China have been widespread, persistent, and egregious. Recent widely reported incidents have reinforced this view. Despite this, religious communities of all kinds have been growing rapidly.
Article | News >
The number of mosques in America has jumped 74 percent since 2000, and the majority of them — 56 percent — espouse a less-than-literal approach to interpreting Islam’s holy texts.
Article | Singles >
Introducing Church Initiative's new ministry to single parents
Article | Family >
Hishia and Rickey Connor have parented for than 70 years in the past five years, and they're not stopping anytime soon.