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Article | Church Leadership >
Quick church growth may leave some church staff struggling to keep up. What are you doing as church leader to help?
Article | Church Leadership >
What can be done if your church or organization is experiencing rapid growth?
Article | Spiritual Growth >
An excerpt from Stress Point: The Twists and Turns of Growing Spiritually by Sarah Francis Martin
Article | Parenting >
Encourage your children to grow up in the strengths God gave them instead of hoping they'll get picked for a certain job.
Article | Discipleship >
Do you work to make disciples that can then make disciples?
Article | News >
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gained the most regular members in the last 10 years, growing by nearly 2 million »
Article | News >
Violations of freedom of religion or belief in China have been widespread, persistent, and egregious. Recent widely reported incid»
Article | News >
The number of mosques in America has jumped 74 percent since 2000, and the majority of them — 56 percent — espouse a less-than»
Article | Singles >
Introducing Church Initiative's new ministry to single parents
Article | Family >
Hishia and Rickey Connor have parented for than 70 years in the past five years, and they're not stopping anytime soon.