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Article | Church Leadership >
If leadership is influence, then losing influence is losing your ability to lead. Pastor Carey Nieuwhof identifies five ways churc»
Article | Christian Living >
Recall those who have influenced you the most and strive to be a helper, not a hurter.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Many youth workers seem to feel their ability to influence teenagers may be lessening.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Christopher Wesley writes about how church staff members' influence can lead to a lack of privacy outside of church.
Article | Church Leadership >
You may have more influence than you realize; use it wisely.
Article | Women >
Former MOPS President Elisa Morgan talks about influence and the ONE thing.
Article | Family >
Servant leadership will keep a marriage whole and grow a family to maturity.
Article | Devotionals >
If "followers of Christ are often the greatest hurdle that people must overcome to believe in Jesus," how can Christians»
Article | Parenting >
How faithful are we to pursue what needs to be done in order to create a desired outcome?
Article | Christian Living >
Journalism professor Sandra Glahn suggests common sense, calm demeanors, and a respect for truth should motivate believers as they»