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Article | Relationships >
Are you single? Here's why you need to read "Sex, God, and the Single Life."
Article | Work >
Don't be shocked when unforeseen events disrupt the flow of work and home life.
Article | Film >
"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" asks what the motto of your life would be.
Article | Inspiration >
Go beyond setting a few New Year's resolutions and write out a Life Plan for yourself with this tips from Brian Howard.
Article | Christian Living >
Stephanie May writes about her time as a blogger and the importance of truly living life.
Article | Christian Living >
Allison Vesterfelt looks at what the phrase "What am I going to do with my life?" really means to her.
Article | Devotionals >
Pastor Kurt Bubna offers three lessons for when life takes an unexpected turn.
Article | Work >
Four ideas on how to better balance your busy work life with significant family time.
Article | News >
Group Publishing tested the first Lifetree Cafe in 2007 and began licensing the program in 2010. Since then, some 350 churches have purchased the program, recently at a rate of one a week.
Article | Christian Living >
Matt Appling encourages people to stop being a spectator and engage in life.