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Article | Devotionals >
Jeremy asks the hard questions about why we choose to ignore showing love.
Article | Bible Study >
Dave Dunham discusses the importance of doing theology in love.
Article | Christian Living >
Michael McEwen discusses how love is essential for liturgy and unity.
Article | Christian Living >
We don't know the first thing about love. Wendy Van Eyck talks about how God's love will find you whereever you are.
Article | Youth >
Mesoma Valikpe reflects on God's love for his damaged children.
Article | Relationships >
Matt Bartlett with outlines the major differences between love and lust.
Article | Books >
Review of David Naugle's 2008 work, Reordered Love, Reordered Lives
Article | Youth >
Katy Perry's new single reminds us of the everlasting love of God.
Article | Film >
Ryan Brymer reviews the movie, "I'm in Love with a Church Girl."»
Article | Christian Living >
Grayson Pope looks at his relationship with God and questions how much he really loves him.