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Article | Missions >
Common concerns of missionary families
Article | Relationships >
Are you single? Here's why you need to read "Sex, God, and the Single Life."»
Article | Small Groups >
Failure can teach leaders how to engage in ways unimagined.
Article | Missions >
Charlotte Van Werven suggests that it may be time to rethink our view of missionaries.
Article | Missional >
Justin Hiebert says that good missional living requires intentionality.
Article | Books >
Scott Boren explains further the church's role in the relationship between missions and theology.
Article | Missions >
Justin Hiebert highlights three shifts in the view of the missional church.
Article | Missional >
Justin Hiebert discusses the important role of Christian community in missions.
Article | Marriage >
A mission statement within marriage can help a couple focus on God's purpose for their family.
Article | Missions >
In the weeks leading up to their mission trip to deliver shoes to Honduran orphans, Sherry frequently questioned her decision to l»