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Article | Moms >
Author Judy Christie sets out to offer moms everywhere hope, inspiration, practical ideas and reminders of how important they are, including practical tools to help hurried moms make sense of it all.
Article | Moms >
Jennifer Maggio explains that the mission of her organization is to empower single mothers and help them empower others.
Article | Bible Study >
From daily scripture emails to bathroom devotionals, Tricia Goyer shares tips of maintaining a Bible Study despite a busy schedule.
Article | Film >
Kenneth R. Morefield reviews the Christian comedy movie "Moms' Night Out," a film that caught him off-guard for being genuinely funny though a bit "culturally and theologically shallow."
Article | Moms >
Crystal shares creative ways for desk-bound moms to stay healthy at home.
Article | Moms >
Despite the challenges of early motherhood, the results are well worth it. So comfort and encourage another mom walking the road with you.
Article | Moms >
A letter of encouragement to all the moms nervous about sending their little ones off to school.
Article | Moms >
When you don't fit the mold, how do you cope?
Article | Moms >
Author Tricia Goyer answers a reader's question about her ministry.
Article | Technology >
for $199, this is one cool app for snap-happy moms.