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Encouraging Advice for Young Moms (2 of 2)
Shelly Radic talks about the need for moms to be vulnerable with other moms.
Audio | Moms >
Encouraging Advice for Young Moms (1 of 2)
Shelly Radic shares hope for moms who feel like being a mom is a competition. A Focus on Parenting podcast.
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One of my favorite things to do is bring encouragement to people – especially moms. And we moms need encouragement, don’t we? Because at times motherhood can seem like a fiercely competitive arena. We all want others (our kids) to think of us as great parents, but the bar just seems to be set higher []
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It’s here! I’m so proud to introduce you to my newest book on living the bucket list life, Bucket List Living For Moms: Become a More Adventurous Parent. It’s a guidebook with dozens of questions to help you formulate a meaningful list of what you want to experience and accomplish in your lifetime. It’s an []
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One of our greatest struggles as moms is meal planning during the school year. We’re busy, and figuring out what to serve our families for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a continuous cycle where we often fall into a rut of PopTarts and our same old casserole–served with cheese. For me, breakfast is the toughest. [] The post 5 Breakfast Basics for Moms on the Go appeared first on Written Reality.
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I’m over at Mothering from Scratch today talking about why spiritual disciplines (those sometimes really hard things like Bible study, prayer, fasting, etc.) are so crucial to moms. Here’s a snippet A few months ago, I got out of the habit of spending time with the Lord on a daily basis. First it was just one day I missedthen twothen before I even realized what was happening, I had missed an entire week. Have you ever done that? Maybe you’»
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Today, my friend Stephanie Shott shares her “clueless” motherhood story and how we can help today’s young moms. I caught a glimpse of her as she walked across the parking lot. She looked to be about sixteen. Young in years, but great with child. Reflecting on my own teen pregnancy, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was ready for the journey ahead. Did she grasp the greatness of her newfound role and how everything she had»
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I’m honored to have Stephanie Shott, the author of a brand new resource for moms, on my blog today. Thanks so much, Stephanie, for sharing your heart with us! Have you ever felt like you wore so many hats that it was hard to really enjoy your mom journey? Or like you were so weary and worn out by your never-ending ‘to do’ list that you wanted to bury your head under the covers and get away from it alleven for just a day? Me too! Ohlike you»
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Are you a mom in ministry? Moms in ministry come in all forms, from leading your child’s Sunday School class, baking brownies for the Easter Carnival, to volunteering for Vacation Bible School, a mom in ministry is a woman who gives back to her children, church, and community. While all this volunteering sounds so noble []
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An interview with Kerri Pomarolli,author of Moms’ Night Outand other things I missMOMS’ NIGHT OUT and other things i miss by comedian Kerri Pomarolli (B&H Books/April 22, 2014/ISBN: 978-1433684845/$14.99) is a devotional intended to help moms survive the day-to-day calls to action that aim to define parenting. Inspired by the movie Moms’ Night Out, Pomarolli has created this light, yet inspiring devotional that will definitely make you»