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Young Muslim musicians are combining hip-hop, country and pop music with the traditional message of their faith in Islamic songs k»
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Android app suggestions for tuners, chord dictionaries, and metronomes.
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Sharing the gospel with Aid Sudan
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A place where worship leaders and musicians can share information and ask questions of other experienced people involved in worship.

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By musicians Lecrae Moore, Flame, Chike Ojukwu and Emanuel Lambert
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Lucifer and young musicians share a similar problem when it comes to worshipping God through music, said Jentezen Franklin at The Vous Conference in Miami this past weekend. “Lucifer had the same problem that a lot of people in this generation, especially musicians have. The problem is he wanted music to become the main thing in heaven,” said Franklin, […] The post ‘Lucifer and young musicians share a s»
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Content produced by the fine authors at CCI SolutionsCCI Solutions Tech Tour at Christian Musician Summit 2013 Many musicians and techs from around the region came together at Overlake Christian Center in Redmond, Washington to take part in Christian Musician Summit last weekend. Many great clinicians taught attendees techniques for keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, vocals, songwriting, and audio technology throughout the weekend. Besides all the le»
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The ULTIMATE list of awesome bands and musicians you might not have heard of -- but should check out ASAP
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The ULTIMATE list of awesome bands and musicians you might not have heard of -- but should check out ASAP
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A contemporary worship team only looks like a rock band. In reality, it's far more than that. Every member is a minister more than a musician and together the worship team plays a variety of roles in the modern Church. This also means not everyone would fit in, requiring  an attitude of discernment when we invite musicians to be part of a worship team. What qualities to look for in musicians is an interesting question with many lists of answe»