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Article | Holidays >
One family reflects on the meaning of their Nativity scene each year.
Article | Youth Leaders >
For youth group this Christmas, Benjamin Kerns is asking students to look at five different characters that were in close proximit»
Video | Holidays >
Nativity Story | Shift Worship
A simple line drawing account of the nat»
Video | Film >
The Nativity Story | Movie Trailer
Watch the trailer for The Nativity Story»
Video | Holidays >
Christmas Nativity: Worship Intro | Hyper Pixels Media
A stirring way to kick-off your Christma»
Video | Humor >
Nativity Rap (live)
Taken from the Hip-Hop Gospel of Luke, C»
Article | Culture >
Is Santa Claus secular?
Article | Youth Leaders >
This week's FaithVillage Contributor Spotlight is on one of our favorite youth leader writers and contributors, Christopher Wesley»
Article | Film >
Review of the film "Son of God" which comes across as a light film rather than a heavy one.»
Article | Inspiration >
Weary of the "war on Christmas" rhetoric, Andy Braner asks if Christians are fighting the right battles at Christmas.»