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Bright Hope helps rescue a girl caught in sex trafficking, now housing her in physical safety and spiritual renewal.
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Human Trafficking = Slavery, and it's still rampant in the 21st century.
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No one should be enslaved, but believers are all bondservants to Christ.
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Barbie Swihart reviews this fictional account of a young American girl swept into the sex trade and the search to find her.
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IJM focuses on raising awareness of everyday violence and poverty initiatives.
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I can’t even begin to express how heartbroken I am. My heart is heavy. Millennials, the demographic group that I barely fall into, are leaving The Church, sex slavery in America is a real thing, the homeless go unnoticed, and people are going hungry. (There are many more issues than
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A report by the United Nations Development’s Program’s Global Commission on HIV and the Law, funded in part by a grant from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, has a peculiar prescription for combating AIDS. It calls on governments around the Continue reading →Th…
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We are looking to form teams that will go and reach women involved in prostitution in the sex industry. You may have heard about women in the sex industry and sex trafficking in the U.S. from films, media, etc. Dallas is one of the major hubs for all of
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I’ve agreed to become a blogger for The Exodus Road, an organization working to rescue victims of sex slavery in Southeast Asia. Here’s five ways all of us can help those who are enslaved. 1. Educate Yourself. Take some time to research the issue of modern day slavery. Check ou…
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“We are here to shine a light on slavery. No more bondage. No more sex trafficking. No more child laborers. No more, starting now,”...