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Article | Bible Study >
Do you read the Bible as a set of rules to follow or a story of God's work in the world?
Article | Bible Study >
What story do you find yourself in?
Article | Culture >
FaithVillage attends the STORY Conference in Chicago, IL
Article | Devotionals >
Your story needs to be told.
Article | Inspiration >
Are you "in danger of being more in love with ideas than with the actions that should result from them?"»
Article | Bible Study >
Through the redemptive narrative of Ruth, one sees a greater story unfolding, both for her, and for you.
Article | Relationships >
Boy loves girl. Girl wants nothing to do with him. They marry a year later. What?
Article | News >
The story of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is the stuff of which movies are made. Yet, in all the coverage there is no m»
Article | Devotionals >
You can change the narrative of your life.