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Article | Theology >
In part 2 of her discussion of 1 Peter 3, Sandra Glahn discusses the meaning of "weaker vessels."»
Article | Emotional Health >
Amy Simpson says this is the most important thing to know when encountering people with mental illness.
Article | Relationships >
The conclusion of the unorthodox counseling session with an engaged couple already living like they were married.
Article | Work >
Letting an employee go doesn't have to be a horrible experience for everyone.
Article | Evangelism >
Reaching "unreachable" teens.»
Article | Relationships >
Why do you really want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Video | Preaching >
Puzzled Pt. 2 | Sam Roberts
Things may be puzzling to us now. But a »
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About Preparation for immortal world living:

The Bible may seem like mostly a book for religion but it is actually information from the rulers of the immortal world called Heaven, and who are also creators of our world, informing us of who we are, what we need to do to become immortal so that we can enter their world. Heaven is an infinite expanse of varieties of unusual worlds and beings including Christ and God (Revelations 1:13-17). They are all unknown beings called spirits and they are not locked into a particular outer form as we are. Christ is the son of God (John 8:23) and came into the human world so ...

Article | Bible Study >
Pastor Dave Dunham covers three out of six aspects of what Paul may have meant when he used the phrase "the fellowship of the»
Article | Bible Study >
Living by faith is challenging, but God gives grace to help the hurting.