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Article | Music >
Ryan Gregg shares his picks for new music in 2011 you may not know about
Article | Devotionals >
Resources to help you make the most of the Advent season.
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Brandon Cox's "State of the Church" address»
Article | Music >
Ryan Gregg covers the music you should be getting
Article | Culture >
In the spirit of family Christmas letters, here's a little update on our site progress and launch plans for 2012.
Article | Missions >
A reflection on the cost of obedience to God
Audio | Music >
The Year in Music (2011) | Christ and Pop Culture
A look at the 2011 year in music, with special guest Jay Tholen, one of the most unique and exciting musicians to emerge»
Video | Cause >
The Barcroft Family – 2011 Angels in Adoption
For the past two years, Tim and December»
Video | Sports and Recreation >
Tony Romo at Catalyst Dallas 2011| Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Chu»
Audio | Worship >
I Am Yours © Matthew Oberhelman 2011 (lyrics and music)
Song from my album on iTunes. This is a song about trying to grasp the truth of us as God's children and what that means»