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Thanks for joining us for part two of Reforming Women’s Ministry with Wendy Alsup! Last Sunday, Wendy shared some insights what it means to be an image bearer of God. Read on to find out more about how we should approach women’s ministry. ______________________________ In part one of this two part series, I put forth the following set of questions a women’s ministry should answer to establish its foundation: What has God created me to be?»
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Welcome Wendy Alsup, author of The Gospel-Centered Woman: Understanding Biblical Womanhood through the Lens of the Gospel, to our blog for a special two-part refreshment on a what should be at the heart of women’s ministries. ______________________________ We tend to think of women’s ministries as distinctly feminine. Tea and flower arrangements, lavender and ribbon. And though I don’t always fit a girly girl stereotype, I don’t have an»
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Welcome to the campaign launch for Practical Theology for Women blogger and author Wendy Alsup. Her latest book, The Gospel Centered Woman is already receiving high praise: “I love this book and can’t wait to share it! The Apostle Paul says that the gospel is a power for salvation. In this book, Wendy Alsup shows how this power goes to work to save us from discontent due to unfulfilled desires, defensiveness when confronted with offense, defi»
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In the next 3-4 days thousands of young people from all around the world will gather (join in via live stream) for the four day passion conference in Georgia Dome Stadium in Atlanta. The conference is focused on making JesusThe post Passion 2013 Kicks-off in Atlanta (Event Also Streamed Live on Web) appeared first on
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We learn best through stories.  It’s like there is something in our bones, deep down below the marrow that resonates with story.  Stats can leave us shell-shocked.  Tables can please our eyes.  Stories change us at the very core  of our being.  Rachel Held Evans‘ story, as found both on her blog and in her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood has done this for me.  And while I would most definitely recommend you sit down and read her sto»
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Does God care for cows? →
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Well, we’re down to our final week in Haiti.  It’s amazing how fast time has flown over the past 2 months.  When I think about when I left my house in Oklahoma at 5:30am on that chilly January morning, though, it almost seems like a lifetime ago.  And I guess, in a sense, it was.   Our month in the DR was entirely relational, filled with home cooked meals at church members’ homes, playing with rowdy kids, teaching English and Bible stor»
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Traditionally, anorexia has been viewed purely as an eating disorder
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Traditionally, anorexia has been viewed purely as an eating disorder