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  • Age: 40
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  • Religon: Christ-follower
  • Location: Peyton, CO
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  • Age: 51
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Article | Bible Study >
How does the story of Cain and Abel relate to our present-day relationships?
Article | Bible Study >
From young to old, we all want to know the answers to the biggest questions in life.
Article | Church Leadership >
Many leaders attend seminary in order to prepare for the pastorate. For Kary Oberbrunner, the pastorate prepared him for something»
Article | Film >
Matt Appling looks at the new biblical movies that have been released and explains why he does not intend to see them.
Article | News >
Studios and filmmakers are rediscovering a classic text as source material for upcoming mainstream films: the Bible.
Article | Dads >
4Word interviews Dan Dolsen, founder of an organization dedicated to building great dads.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Dean Deguara suggests that generic generosity, or giving what you feel led to give, is not what the Bible preaches when it comes t»
Article | Technology >
Jim Denison looks at the changes in technology fast-approaching us in 2013 and wonders what it meand about our illusion of control»