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Eric Metaxas and Tim Keller "Fireside Chat"
Author Eric Metaxes talks with Pastor Ti»
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"In this message, Pastor Steve Adams uses the story of Palm Sunday to show how perspective can cause us to lose sig»
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True and Better | Dan Stevers
"The Bible is not a series of disco»

Genesis, the first book of the Bible, tells the story of how God created the “heavens and the earth? *1 and the first families that walked the Earth. Adam and Eve, the first humans ever fall to the temptation of sin, thus sin enters the world. Sin is defined as “any act regarded as such a transgression, a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle" .*2 The world became consumed with sin, so it was time to start over. There was only one man that followed the commands of God and that was Noah. He and his family were spared. Therefore, for 40 ...

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Transformed: How to Face the Fears that Ruin Relationships | Rick Warren
"This message will teach you how to»
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Matt Carter, teaching pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church, speaks on Genesis 3:1-9 and the fall of humanity.
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The Doctrine of Creation | Biola University
Dr. Erik Thoennes, Biola University's As»
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  Sometimes, it just isn’t there anymore. Sometimes you wake up in the morning, walk outside, shake the Creativity Tree, and there isn’t a fruit that falls. It seems like somewhere along the way, creativity died.   So, you stand there at it’s imagined headstone giving a melodramatic eulogy about the pain that comes from losing such a dear friend. You weep, wail, and moan at your need for its presence. You walk around in a funk wondering h»