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The December 28, 2011, episode including an interview with writer and co-star Jeff Parker.
Audio | Children >
The December 30, 2009, episode, plus an interview with John Fornof and Rob Jorgensen.
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Half episode from August 10, 2011, also including Album 54 release!
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The August 26, 2009 free episode. Includes an interview with sound designer Rob Jorgensen.
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006 Let's Have an Adventure (Resurrection Year readings)
Three readings, and a surprise offer, from my next book Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings
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Strong. Patient. Loving. Just. These are the kind of words that God uses to describe Himself. But what about the words G»
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My childhood included a lot of adventures…and lots of church. Beach vacations, amusement parks, camping and educational experiences were a huge part of my growing up years. Today, on his birthday, I say, “Thanks, Dad, for making sure we always had an adventure – and a whole lot of church.” Dad was a preacher – […] The post Childhood adventures, church and Dad appeared first on While I Ponder....
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This, the first week of the Advent season, is a good timefor us to stop and meditate on the purpose of our Extreme MissionaryAdvent-ures.   Why do we leave our families?  Why do we hike for hours through ruggedterrain?  Why do we bounce around onpot-holed ‘roads’?  Why do we go for dayswithout a shower and nights without a bed? Why do we spend long hours,sometimes days, in strange airports and on planes?  Why do»
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"But we have the mind of Christ” Apostle Paul“Being steeped in the mind of Christ is all important” JoanChittisterAdventure with a purpose. We use that phrase a lot where I work at Extreme Missionary Adventures and I think that it isimportant to our mission, our vision and our passion that we understand what wemean with this phrase.Lots of people are into adventure these days.  Heli-skiing, base-jumping, scuba»
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  Traveling the world and sharing the gospel through captivating illusions and stunts, Brock and Auny Gillhave encountered a life of adventure no one could predict. First-time author Auny Gill tells the compelling story in Thrill Ride: A Million Miles. 2000 Shows. One Miraculous God. releasing independently Oct. 1through, and with pre-orders available now at»