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  • Gender: Female
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Christ-follower
  • Location: Franklin, TN
Article | Youth >
Tips for youth ministry on how to address boy band obsessions with bands like One Direction.
Article | Media >
What we do online has repercussions in real life.
Article | Christian Living >
Be careful what you allow in your heart.
Article | Youth >
Advice to girls on how to guard their hearts.
Article | Youth >
Tips to get youth to rely less on their phones.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Andy Blanks looks at a common problem in youth ministry: loneliness.
Blog Entry | Youth >
The following video was an interview with my Student Minister in the spring of 2011. It was never released on but was seen exclusively at a Lifeway Girls Ministry Conference in order to help equip and contribute to the girls ministry conversation.  I believe that it is time to release this candid conversation to  And so without further adohere is segment 4. If you would like to catch the earlier segments, y»
Blog Entry | Youth > is celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary this month! To celebrate, we’ll be kicking out some of our earliest posts and also sprinkling in some new commentary that we’ve learned over our journey these last several years. It’s been a blast to get to meet people through the network. (Shout out to Amy Pierson, who is now a dear friend that I met online. Who would’ve known that we would not only be fellow gi»
Blog Entry | Youth >
One of the joys of girls ministry is getting to be involved with girls of all ages and stages. And believe me, some weeks, I spend just as much time with girls ministry among the adults as I do among the students. And if I’m being really transparent, I see some of the same issues crop up in my own heart from time to time that look a lot like some of the issues I deal with across the board. Leaders, hear me: We are not inoculated from issues in»