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If you’re on Facebook, you just may want to check out my Top Faith-Based Arts & Culture Groups. You’ll find 16 wonderful organizations listed below. Many of these arts groups and ministries are led by friends of mine whose artist essays appear in Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. I hope you’ll visit and share these arts & culture groups with your friends. One of our goals with The Grove Center for the Arts &»
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Reporter Brian Nixon with the ASSIST News Service helps patrons consider Modern Art. Denver, Colorado (ANS) —I read Francis Schaeffer’s classic and influential book How Shall We Then Live early in my Christian walk. I was in my early 20’s. I was intrigued by Schaeffer’s considerations, and the book helped form my own understanding of the world. I was struck by his insightful look at history and the flow of culture, showing how  philoso»
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I recently had the great privilege of being published in a special young adult edition of Presbyterian’s Today in their May 2014 issue. In the article, my husband Michael and I  share our experience as an interracial couple of the millennial generation in the Church. You can read the article here or scroll down below. *Reprinted with permission from Presbyterian’s Today* ______________________________________________________________________»
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Do you recall one of my very first articles on this blog where creativity was defined as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, et cetera”, according to Well, there exists a new movement across the globe known as the “tiny house” movement. Talk about a new form and/or method of living. According to TheTin»
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Many Christians love the traditional and contemporary church and all of the richness, variety, and opportunity provided, but times are changing. There is a new contemporary church movement that is expected to grow exponentially in the next twenty years—the house/home/organic/cell church. The movement is contemporary but it is in fact a return to the way New Testament churches began as mentioned in the book of Acts in the Bible. Scholars are not»
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How Important is Integrating Faith and Work? | Jenny White
Jenny White from Art House America descr»
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First, a bit of business: I had a piece at Art House America about library books that I forgot to tell you about because I have been so busy resting. We have been sticking close to home and reading lots of books and and playing trucks and eating leftovers and just generally lounging. Enforced coziness is where it’s at. I was hoping to finish one more book yesterday, but it didn’t happen. Got myself a head start on 2014, I guess! Here’s wha»
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Oh, hey, I had a piece at Art House America’s blog yesterday about canning tomatoes with my grandma and you should go read it. — Did you see this post on Buzzfeed about being stuck between Generations X and Y? Most of those accurately describe me. Gen X are basically the cooler older brothers and sisters I never had, and millennials are those annoying younger siblings. Those of us born in between are the middle children, anxious to bridge ga»
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A Travel Free Learning Article By George Bullard A dramatic story—perhaps an urban legend—about John Wimber, one of the founders of the Vineyard Movement, relates to something that happened following his conversion to Christianity around 1963. It is said that he began attending a church nearby. After several weeks he confronted an usher following a worship service and asked, “When do we do the stuff?” “The stuff? What do you mean the st»
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A Travel Free Learning Article By George Bullard I recently returned from the Exponential church planting conference in Orlando where I spent time thinking about women in ministry; especially women in church planting. I sat in on all three workshop sessions led or co-led by a woman in ministry who is a church planter strategist and a friend. This strategist is the co-author of a recent book published by TCP Books entitled The Wholehearted Church»