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The term failure to thrive came to mind this week as a Pew Forum study reported the number of adult Protestants in the U. S. has f»
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Whatever else the Trayvon Martin case means, it compels us to continue, even extend, realistic conversations and actions related t»
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What would it look like if the faiths of all the candidates in this presidential election caused them to rally around poverty?
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Pundits’ questions about how Republicans can regroup following President Obama’s re-election might well be asked of faith comm»
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Since the days when Jesus’ disciples discovered tax money in a fish’s mouth, churches have sought ways to fund ministries, min»
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To read part 1, click here. Again thanks to Amanda Bast, Jessica Buttram and Tamara Lunardo for ranking the guys in terms of hotness. Joe OMG YOU GUYS! IT’S JAMES VAN DER BEEK’S YOUNGER BROTHER? Joe Van Der Beek? Sounds good to me. Age: 27 Occupation: Field Energy Advisor Hahaha what? That sounds like something from Tron. I didn’t realize a Van Der Beek was in Tron. Hometown: Orlando, FL Would you say you’re a little bit»