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Article | News >
Blake Atwood reflects on the meaning of being or not being identified as an evangelical.
Audio | Books > interviews blogger, author and speaker Jon Acuff about his book "Start: Punch …
Blog Entry | Family >
I recently decided to invite guest post submissions here at The Daily ReTORt, to be presented as part of a weekly guest post feature every Friday. Today marks the inagaural edition of this guest post feature – courtesy of an outstanding writing buddy of mine, Blake Atwood. If youR…
Article | Social Media >
Blake Atwood shares 52 suggestions for church Twitter updates.
Article | Technology >'s Blake Atwood attended the 2013 iMinistry Conference and learned five invaluable lessons about the future of online ministry.
Article | Television >
FaithVillage editor Blake Atwood discusses his new book about the popular show, "The Gospel According to Breaking Bad."
Article | Church Leadership >
Calling it "a must-read guide for future leaders," Blake Atwood reviews "The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker," by Brad Lomenick, President of Catalyst.
Article | Inspiration >
Blake Atwood reviews Matt Appling's book "Life After Art: What You Forgot About Life and Faith Since You Left the Art Room."
Article | Inspiration >
The FaithVillage staff offers their one word contributions to One Word 365, an annual Internet event that challenges people around the globe to find one word that will describe, shape, and transform their upcoming year.
Article | Music >
FV Editor Blake Atwood shares thoughts about his concert experience--the good and the bad.