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Video | Film >
Blue Like Jazz movie trailer
Trailer for the movie based on Donald Mi»
Article | Culture >
A review of Blue Like Jazz the movie
Article | Film >
Director Steve Taylor talks to FV about "Blue Like Jazz: The Movie"»
Audio | Church Leadership >
Donald Miller and Bob Goff join us backstage at Catalyst West. Don is the best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz and rece»
Audio | Culture >
Episode 4 | 9 Thumbs Podcast
Episode 4: From China to Castle to Blue Like Jazz. Matthew Paul Turner, Jason Boyett, and Rob Stennett share their nine »
Article | Devotionals >
"As discouraging as hypocrisy is, our sin serves as the very evidence of WHY we need Jesus in the first place."»
Article | Parenting >
The comparison game never goes away, but you can choose not to play and just enjoy being a mom.
Video | Film >
This is My Story
How the book and the film "Blue Lik»
Article | Christian Living >
Should a crisis of faith be purposefully sought?
Article | Christian Living >
Roger Upton considers Justin Bieber, Donald Miller, and whether a Christian can be a Christian without going to church.