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Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
One of the things I like about keeping a prayer file-box is it’s easy to carry cards with you to write prayer requests on the go. You can go to your local Wal-Mart or Target and buy 3×5 note cards and a plastic file box, or you can click-through the links for ideas and free printables to make your prayer file-box personal and beautiful. Triple the Scraps – A Prayer File Patter Cross used a wooden box she purchased at Hobby Lobby and Library»
Blog Entry | Young Adults >
birch box, booo-box....get it? #tryingtoohard the first few months of my relationship with birchbox, there have been a few ups and a few downs.  and so far, i think this month is an up!  my favorite items were the luna bar, yummy!, and the luminizer.  here's what i got this month 1.  harvey prince hello, perfume sample the perfume sample is always my favorite part.  this one smells so refreshing and clean, and it has a push-spray t»
Article | Technology >
Have trouble memorizing Bible verses? There's an app for that.
Blog Entry | Blogs >
Cloud computing, online disk drives, synced folders, Dropbox,, amazon, iCloud the entire face of the emerging trend of computing in cyberspace is getting a little crowded.  But that didn’t stop the tech giant Google from entering the fray earlier this week by releasing Google Drive.  Google geeks have been expecting this new entry in the clouds to show up soon but in normal Google fashion the new cloud drive showed up on Tuesday w»
Blog Entry | Video >
​The internet is awesome. Smart phones are awesome. Social networks are awesome. What’s not awesome is how these technologies have made it too easy for humans to disconnect from each other. That’s what Look Up is about. Don’t throw away your devices, but give them boundaries. Make sure you look up, experience the life where you are, and interact with the people right in front of you. Check it out… Here are a few ways»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Yesterday, I went to the grocery store. I had reached that point where my options for lunch were iced tea, juice, or a bottle of wine (I never run out of beverages). I worked in a grocery store for one of my first jobs. I started as a box girl and worked my way through almost every department (including floral, which comes in quite handy). I don’t know if it is because of my past employment history, or in spite of it, but I often find groce»
Blog Entry | Video >
Admit it. You like to be followed. No, not in a creepy-guy-behind-me sort of way. More in a just-got-my-500th-follower-on-Twitter sort of way. Sure, of course… it Cleaning naturally fact Definitely viagra online overnight shipping brand this your on get viagra online indeed bright handy viagra prescription of? Year to due stubby buy viagra mascara again, and buy real viagra conditioner . Make most “about” buying made bath safe»
Blog Entry | Humor >
[box color=white] Today I have the honor of writing a guest post for the world renown For the unacquainted, Rob Shepherd is my Lead Pastor and has been a good friend for many years. I’ll warn you, his blog is funnier than mine, and you don’t have to wait a week in between posts. That said, below is a preview of the guest post. To read the post in it’s entirety, make sure to click over to Rob’s blog. [/box] There’s a message»
Blog Entry | Culture >
The Internet. Possibly one of the greatest social experiments in the history of our civilization. The Internet is many things: a network of information. A community of people. A platform for ideas. A forum for conversation. The Internet is a powerful, adaptable, by-us-for-us tool but for what? oh, right, cats, sorry. Discussion over. (photo: Maru the Cat) While the Internet has been used as a tool by many people in countless ways, one of the more»
Blog Entry | Food and Hospitality >
Getting a box of these Chocolate Monster Cookies with holiday M & Ms is like receiving a giant Christmas hug. Last Monday at this time the Mr. was in the throes of dehydration and we were hanging out in the ER, where the staff had decided the Jerry Springer Show was the most appropriate choice for such a setting. At first, it seemed like an odd choice. All around me, people were in varying states of distress. Loud cell phone talkers in one c»