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Article | Church Leadership >
Calling it "a must-read guide for future leaders," Blake Atwood reviews "The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Beco»
Audio | Missions >
He's back! Brad Lomenick shares the valuable lessons he learned while on his sabbatical and talks about what he's doing »
Video | Church Leadership >
'The Catalyst Leader' Small Group Bible Study | Brad Lomenick
In this preview of "The Catalyst Le»
Video | Church Leadership >
The Lightning Round | Brad Lomenick
In this fourth of a four-part interview,»
Video | Church Leadership >
How did your previous work prepare you for leading Catalyst? | Brad Lomenick
In this second of a four-part interview,»
Video | Church Leadership >
Do you have any more books in the works? | Brad Lomenick
In this third of a four-part interview, »
Video | Church Leadership >
What was the catalyst for 'The Catalyst Leader?' | Brad Lomenick
In this first of a four-part interview, »
Audio | Church Leadership >
Catalyst president and lead visionary Brad Lomenick trades seats and becomes the interviewee, sitting down to discuss hi»
Video | Church Leadership >
'The Catalyst Leader' | Brad Lomenick
It's time for a new generation of leader»
Video | Worship >
An Interview with Tim Hughes | Brad Lomenick
Brad Lomenick, Director of Catalyst, int»