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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 37
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Baptist
  • Location: Bentonville, AR
Article | Church Leadership >
FaithVillage interviews Pastor Brandon Cox, a well-known pastor and church planter in the online world who's involved with Pastors»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Ever heard of Daniel Frederick and Susan Bateman? No? That’s okay. They aren’t movie stars or government leaders. Their lives are significant, however. They were married on August 29, 1772, till death did they part, 91 years and 12 days later. Daniel and Susan represent history’s longest recorded marriage. Now you have something to shoot for, if you want to shoot for it, that is. For some marriages, 91 years would be a gift – a gracious e»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
When it comes to blogs and internet content, there’s a lot of it to be found. The problem? It’s often not that good or not that well written. For that reason, I’m always looking for new stuff to add to my Google Reader to browse during downtime and early morning. Here are 5 blogs that I’ve been reading for a while and can highly recommend for consistent and good content… Ben Reed – Human Like You &#»
Article | Social Media >
Brandon Cox defines personal brand as a matter of people's opinion about the gospel in relation to you.
Article | Collegiate >
Brandon Cox discusses the Christian college culture known as 'The Bubble.'
Article | Devotionals >
Brandon Cox shows that confession really is good for the soul.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Pastor Brandon Cox urges Christians to be the church and not to wholly rely on a pastor for all of their spiritual growth and need»
Article | Church Leadership >
When pastors and ministry leaders rail against church growth and megachurches, Pastor Brandon Cox thinks they're missing the point»
Article | Bible Study >
Brandon Cox ponders a W.A. Criswell anecdote on the truth of God's Word as found in the Bible.