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Article | Culture >
11-year-old singer/songwriter Harper Gruzins shares how her experience with cyber-bullying has encouraged her to follow her dreams and stand up against bullying.
Article | Parenting >
Parental strategies to deal with bullying & conflict with your kids.
Article | Film >
Review of the movie "Bully"
Video | Youth >
Stand Strong Against Bullying | Nick Vujicic
Nick Vujicic talked about his new book, "Stand Strong," and the topic of bullying. He took…
Video | Film >
Bully Movie | Official Trailer 2012
This year, over 5 million American kids will be bullied at school, online, on the bus, at home, thro…
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About Being a Peace Keeper:

Discover or share the value of being a peaceful person. How do I behave when someone in the church family is angry, a bully, or behaving in a manner that is not Biblical? What are examples in scripture of God's people behaving under the leadership of the Holy Spirit? How do we deal with conflict? How did Christ confront sin? What are the basics in confronting people who wrong us or a loved one. What do I do when accused of sinful behavior.

Blog Entry | Family >
With my son starting school this month, bullying has been on my mind. Granted, he’s only in kindergarten, so I’m hoping I don’t really have to think about it for awhile. Nonetheless, I want to be prepared. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Better Together Conference pu…
Blog Entry | Culture > is Bullying?Bullying involves aggressive behavior towards someone that can involve teasing, taunting, leaving someone out, embarrassing someone, or physically harming someone.Bullying can take place at school, in …
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Bullying has been the focal point of our nation in recent months. Cases of extreme bullying have come to light all across the country. Unfortunately in most cases, the bullying episodes have only been exposed after serious damage has been done to innocent victims. I’m not sure if there h…
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Procrastination seeks to attempts to makes even the simplest tasks intimidating and overwhelming. Procrastination is like a school bully.But like a school bully you can fight against it. You can battle when the wave of procrastination seizes you and reduce…