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Group Publishing tested the first Lifetree Cafe in 2007 and began licensing the program in 2010. Since then, some 350 churches have purchased the program, recently at a rate of one a week.
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Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe | Max Lucado
What if you could ask God anything? What would you ask? And how would he answer? Max Lucado's fir…
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017 Jesus Meets Crystal in a Cafe on Collins Street | Sheridan Voysey
What if the famous story of Jesus and the woman at the well happened not in first century Samaria, b…
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About Village Cafe:

A place to hangout together. Everybody welcome! BYOC (Bring your own coffee)

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This was one of my highlights in krakow. This tiny cafe mostly lit by candlelight.The post Cafe in krakow. appeared first on Chris J Wilson.
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A la carte spirituality is like going through the cafeteria line and saying, “I’d like the green bean casserole, the lasagna, and the strawberry cheesecake.” It’s picking and choosing whatever you like about God and reality from all of the religions, philosophies, and popular ideas…
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Posted in NewsCheck out this acoustic performance from the beautiful Lianne La Havas at Cafe St. Jean Session. Gone is featured on Lianne La Havas’s debut album Is Your Love Big Enough? Which is up from grabs NOW Enjoy!
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TweetShareAfter the mossy forest, we drove to the other side of Brinchang. The narrow road was still clear. Cabbages growing on the road side were like huge green flowers. We continued to pass by tea plantations as we were approaching Sungei Palas tea estate. From the parking, we took the
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What if the famous story of Jesus and the woman at the well happened not in first century Samaria, but in Hobart, Australia, today? Who would the woman be and what would Jesus say to her? Perhaps he'd say something like this. More… Related posts:Jesus Comes to Warrington 001 The
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When I was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I was member of a Christian fraternity. One of the most enjoyable parts of our fraternity was the conversation. We had members from nearly every kind of church background. On those beautiful fall nights, we would often walk down the street to