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  • Gender: Female
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Religon: Christian
  • Location: Spokane, WA
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My seriously cool in-real-life friend Nicole Sheets, invited me to be part of this blog tour, in which I get to talk about myself and my writing (which I haven’t done to this extent, at least in writing, since college). In the process, it is an honor to introduce you to (possibly) new people, all of whom I like very much. Let’s start with Nicole. Nicole Sheets is an assistant professor of English at Whitworth University in Spokane, Wa»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
This week, I am over at Cara Meredith’s place sharing a story filled with words that scare me. But I’m learning that the more I write those words, the more I want to, the more I am free from the fear. I hope you’ll join me over at be, mama. be. This piece is part of her series based on the above quote. Here’s how it starts: My college boyfriend and I drove down to the lake that night, as we often did. He was a little unsure of a lot of th»
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Cara Meredith and I were clearly destined to meet, one might even say that our connection had our name on it. Once we did get to know each other, we realized that we have far more in common than just a name. One of these things is a love of story and Cara tells a wonderful one here today. Enjoy. – I remember Auntie’s phone call, offering me Grandma’s piano. If you want it, it’s yours, she’d said, as if gaining own»
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Hello lovely people! My friend Jane Halton asked me to contribute a piece to her Blowing Up Evangelical Baggage series. I’m proud of it and it would be an honor to have you read it. I’ll be responding to comments over there, if you’re inclined to enter the conversation.  Also, if you’re keeping count, you may feel free to consider this your Single Minded Monday for the week.  Happy Friday, friends.  Th»
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I’ve mentioned how much I love Cara Strickland’s writing before, so you can imagine how thrilled I am to have her over as a guest for part of the Words That Changed My World Series. I think you will love her too. Yes, I am sure of it. I sit at a table in a []
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
From Cara: I have been consistently challenged by Tyler’s words, I hope that you will be too. In case you missed it, I did a guest post for his blog. You can check it out here. ❦❦❦ photo by commons 6 years ago I started church ministry as a vocation and immediately knew I was where God wanted me. But I came to see this through the wrong lens. I was the youngest person on staff at a church with a large sanctuary an»
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From Cara: I first met Caroline Fowler at church many years ago. She sings with an ethereal quality, and would lead worship, drawing me into close communion with God. We would talk, as well, from time to time, about God and words and the words we use to praise God. Now, we are both in very different places. I am no longer a student, she is a wife and a mother. She writes a blog which makes me smile and think, just as our conversations do. I know»
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photo by j l commons I have a dear friend from college who is an artist. She does graphic design, to pay the bills, but her heart belongs to drawing and painting, illustration and mixed-media. Her work is beautiful. Four of her pieces hang in my bedroom. Each one speaks to me with depth and meaning. In college, all of the art majors had senior shows during their final semester. They planned those gathering the way some people pl»
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I am not a very spontaneous person, as a rule. In view of this, I surprised even myself a little when I hopped in my car for an “escapade” as a friend called it, in her attempts to convince me to come along. I am also not a very directionally skilled person. So it was with some trepidation that I began the hour and a half trip, alone, to a river, with friends, for a birthday celebration. I passed a sign, in front of a home, which used to say»