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Video | Relationships >
John and Allison's Story | Central Christian Church
In this powerful testimony from Central Christian Church, a near-divorced couple bears witness to th…
Article | Books >
Matt Chandler's first book, "The Explicit Gospel," is "a clarion call to stop assuming the gospel and stark speaking it clearly in the church."
Article | Missions >
A missionary witnesses an indigenous tribe's offering.
Article | Bible Study >
The work of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's life
Article | Church Leadership >
Exploring the many rooms of our faith
Article | Music >
A critique of Paul Simon's latest release
Video | Inspiration >
Pursued | Central Films
"We spend our whole lives running, searching for something to make life all we hoped it could b…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
At first glance, Christianity might seem to be just another ancient religion, based on events that took place and beliefs that were formulated 2,000 years ago. However, if someone were to actually look into Christianity, they would see that Christianity answers the basic questions of human…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
In my experience the Christian community generally responds in one of four ways when faced with news or evidence of paranormal phenomenon that wasn't covered in Sunday School.1) Outright dismissalThe most common reaction to the strange and supernatural is one of dogged closed-mindedness. C…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
**Note: This blog post is an excerpt from Jeff Christopherson's book Kingdom Matrix. If you have not read the book, you need to. You can find it here. What does "Christian" mean? We know that it means "Little Christ." We know that it was originally dished-out as an insult. Look