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Video | Parenting >
"Cleaning House" presents Enable-EZ
Humorous depiction of enabling parents w»
Video | Family >
Cleaning House: The 12-Month Family Experiment | Kay Wyma
Kay Wyma talks with FaithVillage about h»
Video | Parenting >
Cleaning House: One Mom's Attack on Youth Entitlement | Kay Wyma
Kay Wyma sits down with FaithVillage to »
Blog Entry | Technology >
Does this depict your household? Old technology that is piling up in the garage or house, tons of channels on your digital cable box that you never see, a streaming video and game rental subscription that is totally under-utilized, cell phone plans that have all kinds of extra features and add-ons that you never use? or how about paying for a super fast Internet connection when you have old computer system(s) that can’t maximize the use of the»
Article | Parenting >
How often do we step in to "help" when the kids are actually able to do for themselves?»
Article | Collegiate >
A list of things to consider when prioritizing your time at college.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
When cleaning out unneeded items, judge carefully if it's truly time for those objects to go.
Article | Christian Living >
The abundance that is around us should be shared.
Article | Collegiate >
Learning spiritual lessons from a Starbucks barista
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Why do we fast during Lent? Has marketing subverted our intent?