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"Cleaning House" presents Enable-EZ
Humorous depiction of enabling parents who need to read Kay Wyma's book Cleaning House.
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Sharon Hodde Miller believes that there is a reason that we should care about what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri.
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Cleaning House: One Mom's Attack on Youth Entitlement | Kay Wyma
Kay Wyma sits down with FaithVillage to explain the experiment she conducted with her family that re…
Video | Family >
Cleaning House: The 12-Month Family Experiment | Kay Wyma
Kay Wyma talks with FaithVillage about her new book that chronicles her year-long family experiment.
Blog Entry | Blogs >
By Nikki Blair If my mother knew I was writing a blog post titled “Cleaning House,” she would laugh. She knows—and I freely admit—that I’m not the consummate housekeeper. If we know someone is coming to visit, we tidy all the usual clutter, and scrub all the surfaces… o…
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Check out that puppy! Cleaning House: A Mom’s 12 month experiment to rid her home of Youth Entitlement by Kay Willis Wyma. Amy Sullivan and Steph from Only Here, Only Now have organized bloggers and readers to discuss this book.   Today, I’ll write about the book in genera…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
So, you’re probably noticing the focus of the blog and where it is going….maybe. That’s okay…I know and for now that’s fine. Essentially, I’m doing a little renovating of the place. It is about time to re-focus and re-vamp this bad boy and do something d…
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Last week I joined in the book group discussion of Cleaning House: A Mom’s 12 Month Experiment to Rid Her House of Youth Entitlement by Kay Wills Wyma. You can read those thoughts here, mostly that we are very challenged in all areas of the book! Thanks to Amy Sullivan
Blog Entry | Holidays >
Woo Hoo! It’s No Housework Day! A day to forget those daily chores . . . to leave the laundry until tomorrow, pile the dishes in the sink, and ignore the crumbs on the floor. It’s time to celebrate. If... The post Celebrate No Housework Day – It’s Good for
Blog Entry | Moms >
The kids are bickering, the house is a mess, and you’re just wishing you could get away from it all. Does that sound like your family’s spring break? No? Maybe yours goes more like this: the kids are bickering, your car/hotel room/suitcase is a mess, and you’re just wishi…