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Video | Parenting >
"Cleaning House" presents Enable-EZ
Humorous depiction of enabling parents w»
Video | Family >
Cleaning House: The 12-Month Family Experiment | Kay Wyma
Kay Wyma talks with FaithVillage about h»
Video | Parenting >
Cleaning House: One Mom's Attack on Youth Entitlement | Kay Wyma
Kay Wyma sits down with FaithVillage to »
Blog Entry | Technology >
Does this depict your household? Old technology that is piling up in the garage or house, tons of channels on your digital cable box that you never see, a streaming video and game rental subscription that is totally under-utilized, cell phone plans that have all kinds of extra features and add-ons that you never use? or how about paying for a super fast Internet connection when you have old computer system(s) that can’t maximize the use of the»
Blog Entry | Theology >
I came across a startling discovery the other day while cleaning the house. My middle child asked me if I would spend some time playing with her. I said "sure" and told her I would  meet her in the other room.I went into the other room and waited for a while, enjoying the brief respite from my cleaning. She never showed, so I got up and went back to cleaning.  About 10 minutes later, Presley came into the room. "Dad, I thought you said»
Blog Entry | Youth >
Courtesy of Toms BauÄ£is/Creative Commons Licenses No one really enjoys cleaning the bathroom.  I know there are some people out there who will tell you that they do; but, they are lying.  Can't imagine the pleasure one gets from scrubbing evaporated feces off the side of a bowl that has seen more butts than the Marlboro Man's ash tray(okay, I know I tried too hard on that one, but I had to).   In all seriousness»
Blog Entry | Bible Study >
Today I have the honor of being featured in Prodigal Magazine and it has very little to do with the Bible. Stop by and check it out if you want to know a bit about my (lack of) cleaning skills and what my awesome friends taught me about grace. Here’s a little taste of the article. I am sitting in a remarkably clean room. This room is a part of an entire floor of my house that also happens to be remarkably clean. And do you want to know the»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
I showed up at the farm a week ago with Cole and we setabout mowing, cleaning, and repairing things in anticipation of the family’sarrival on Wednesday. By Wednesday at 1:30, Kat’s Mini Cooper was driving upthe long caliche drive and Cole was at attention. We unpacked the car and beganpreparing lunch. I looked out the kitchen window and saw Austin, 2, sitting inthe swing hanging from one of the huge branches of the big oak tree. Kat drewup a»
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Cleaning toilets. UGH. Of all the tasks involved with keeping up a house, cleaning toilets is my least favorite. I doubt anyone loves that task. No matter how high your self esteem might be, the toilet is always there to humble you.Sometimes little people who live in your house will get overzealous with the toilet paper or decide to see if superheroes really can overcome all obstacles--such as being flushed. The toilet will overflow and you'll ha»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes.... a house full of saw dust and half-finished floors and unopened wedding gifts scattered everywhere. Oh, the married life! Micah and I have created quite a set of memories already. This past weekend was very productive for us, as far as progressing our house renovations. We invited some friends and family over to help us paint/faux our living room and kitchen, and let me tell you - it turned int»