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Article | Culture >
If it’s true that culture contains both good and bad elements then we must be discerning.
Article | Culture >
Are your beliefs and opinions formed from pop culture?
Article | Preaching >
A western preacher in an Asian world shares his thoughts on communicating the Gospel across the globe.
Video | Music >
'Waiting Here For You' | Jesus Culture with Martin Smith
"Martin Smith declares that God is everything he has promised and all we need to do is wait for…
Video | Music >
'Alleluia' | Jesus Culture with Martin Smith
Martin Smith and Jesus Culture sing "Alleluia," recorded live at Jesus Culture Conference …
Video | Music >
Unstoppable Love: Heart Behind the Album Trailer | Jesus Culture
Check out this trailer for the bonus feature on the BluRay/DVD of the Jesus Culture album, "Uns…
Video | Inspiration >
Culture Making: The Good News in a Changing World | Andy Crouch
During a Biola University chapel service in 2013, author Andy Crouch shares challenging words from h…
Video | Inspiration >
Christians vs. Culture and Future Book Plans | Amena Brown
In her book "Breaking Old Rhythms," Amena Brown revels in pop culture references, seeing G…
Video | Music >
One Thing Remains (Live) | Jesus Culture
Live performance of "One Thing Remains" by Jesus Culture.