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Thanks! November was our best month ever on Amazon Associates because of you, and today that income showed up in our account. I appreciate that you swing by here before making purchases on Amazon. By simply scrolling down in the right column of this blog and using my Amazon search box to access that site before you purchase, you allow us to receive a percentage of anything you buy. It adds up. We are committed to using 100% of that income in our»
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Ministering to the Masai and the Pokot | Gary Glahn
Gary Glahn, Assistant Field Manager of K»
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[Guest Post by Shannon Roy - I met her through an amazing site for building godly relationships. She and I have stayed in close contact ever since, and I can't wait to meet her in person when I travel to Chicago later on this year. Also, I am excited for her and her upcoming marriage!!] A riddle for you to ponder: What is better than experiencing your greatest dream come true? Before–my answer would be a “few” dreams,»
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I love books. Do you? Books have had such an incredible impact in my life, and they have been God’s instrument of healing. Here are ten books you can give this Christmas (or any time) that will give the gift of healing. Changes that Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud & John Townsend. Of all the books I’ve read and wrestled through, this one stands supreme as the one that truly, truly opened my eyes to how damaged I was and how much I needed healing.»