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Video | Money and Stewardship >
Outlasters: Financially Free Families | Dave Ramsey
Dave Ramsey speaks at on being financially free.
Audio | Church Leadership >
Dave Ramsey, best-selling author and national radio host, sits down with Ken backstage at Catalyst D…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Dave Ramsey has become a well known name, mostly due to his syndicated radio show I believe. Nevertheless, I have been unfamiliar with him until the past several months. As you can see from the picture, quite a lot of items are included in the package for Financial Peace University
Blog Entry | Social Media >
Recently some news took me by surprise: the Jon Acuff resignation from the Dave Ramsey team. Acuff is known for his best-selling books Start and Quitter as well as the popular blog Stuff Christians Like. Dave Ramsey is, of course, the popular author and radio personality known for Financia…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
This is part of the series Catalyst 2013. Dave Ramsey, of course, is host of the popular Dave Ramsey Show. Rachel Cruze is his daughter, who also speaks on issues of financial stewardship. Dave and Rachel spoke together at Catalyst, and it was a lot of fun to watch. Here
Blog Entry | Family >
Hey friends – I got to speak to the incredible staff at The Dave Ramsey Show today. If you don’t know who Dave is…PLEASE check it out – he’s helped MILLIONS of people discover how to get out of debt and live like they’ve never lived before. Today they ga…
Blog Entry | Culture >
I once spent a little too much money on a coat at a small, struggling mall store owned and solely-staffed …Continue reading »
Audio | Books > interviews blogger, author and speaker Jon Acuff about his book "Start: Punch …
Audio | Podcast >
Jon Acuff | Terminal Podcast
Jon Acuff is a long-time blogger with Stuff Christians Like, he's the author of Quitter and Stuff Ch…
Blog Entry | Men >
Do you wonder sometimes, “Is it worth it giving my very best at work?” I was reminded this week that it is worth it, and it came as a result of some music CD’s. I’m a Dave Ramsey fan and I like to save money. In our budget, my wife