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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 52
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Baptist
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
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CBF_photoThis past April Dr. David Gushee, in cooperation with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Resource Center, facilitated a national conference on “Sexuality and Covenant.”  Before the conference Dr. Gushee wrote an article for the Associated Baptist Press discussing seven presuppositions for the conference and then reflected on how the conference handled them in another article for ABP the week after the conference.  Below»
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Introducing David Gushee
Dr. David Gushee is the Distinguished Pr»
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It is the time of calling down fire from heaven on “our” adversaries. After all, it’s Election Day in America.Because everyone knows that [fill in the blank] is the enemy of God. And everyone knows that [fill in the blank] is the representative of God. Why, it’s obvious. After all, Focus on the Family just sent out a flyer taking an old Obama speech out of context to attack him and help “guide” Christians in their voting to restore a»
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Alex Dye reviews David Gushee's "A New Evangelical Manifesto: A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good" for the Englewood R»
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Both Candidates Leave God Off The Campaign Trail
Mercer University Center for Theology and Public Life Director David Gushee was interviewed on NPR October 2, 2012, abou»
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Listen to Dr. David Gushee talk about some of the most influential people in history and who he considers to be great moral leaders.  This "wall of moral leaders" can be found in the Center for Theology and Public Life offices at McAfee School of Theology.    
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Book: Religious Faith, Torture, and Our National Soul
Center for Theology and Public Life Dire»
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The Sacredness of Human Life
Dr. David Gushee introduces his newest b»
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Christian Faith, Moral Values and Public Service: Two Views from Capitol Hill
Mercer University's Center for Theology »