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The Facebook Pastor | Shaun King
Shaun King uses social media and technol»
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Facebook: "I Love My Job" | National Youth Workers Conference
Download this free video and discussion »
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About Miller's Creek Reader's Group:

This group is for those who enjoy the Miller's Creek novels (Christian Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Fiction) by Cathy Bryant. Here we discuss the characters, stories, and most importantly the spiritual themes behind the books. Visit our sister site on Facebook:

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About JesusReport:

With the Lord's direction and guidance, we have formed a worldwide clearinghouse webpage the JesusReport. The JesusReport is a Jesus Centered clearinghouse website that features the Top Daily News Compilation and Encouragement of the Kingdom, Daily Readings, and the links to a growing list of the best Jesus centered Organizations, Authors, Speakers, Prophets and Filmmakers. Click to Check it Out and like us on Facebook (, Twitter (Jesus_Report) and then PLEASE SHARE with all your family and friends. John 1:1-5, Matth ...

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About 32nd World Religions Conference - Queen's Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Event:

The World Religions Conference (WRC) has been serving for the last 32 years in Canada as an invaluable means for bringing different religious and ethnic communities together in a manner which breeds tolerance, peace, cooperation, and understanding amongst the different religions within our society. The event is now considered the largest Multi-faith event in Canada. This year's upcoming event, will commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee as well, and the theme chosen is "Idea of and Ideal Government". The 32nd World Religions Conference is plann ...

Blog Entry | Training >
Creating a Facebook ad has seemed mystifying to me. But recently I decided it was time to try it on for size. For those of you who haven’t tried it, here are 8 steps to create an effective facebook ad: Go to the Facebook ad site. Sounds kind of easy, but it took me a long time to find this! Choose a goal for the ad. Do you want people to go to your Facebook page and like you? (Ah, isn’t it true how we all want folks to love us?) Do y»
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Let me first begin by saying that I am extremely thankful facebook did not exist when I was a teenager. It was difficult enough dealing with real life drama; I cannot imagine dealing with online drama, too. [Not that I was overly dramatic in high school, but it was high school. It's overly dramatic for everyone.] [Also, this applies to teenage boys, too. I just said drama queen because it's catchier. Equal rights, y'all.] That being said, there a»
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An interesting thing about Facebook - we think sharing an update equals being transparent.Ironically, it couldn't be further from the  truth... just watch what happens when someone pushes back on what you've said or what another person wrote - look at how quickly we call constructive thinking as someone being judgmental, say "You don't understand me! So leave me alone!" or accuse them of being "a hater."I like Facebook for its potential good»
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It's been about two weeks since put myself on a Facebook, Google-reader, and a few other media outlet fasts. I have friends who say things like, "I don't know why people do things like that. It's attention seeking" or "Why can't people just practice more self-control, why do they have to make it all fast-hiatus-sabbatical sounding, all holy..."Heck, I say that to myself. But it's no secret that I lack self-control—I'll tell you face to face, it»

A recent Facebook status of mine about forgetting our children, while trying to identify with ourselves.