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Audio | Podcast >
The Day I Met Biniyam | Sheridan Voysey
Listen to this interview with my new sponsor child Biniyam, from Ethiopia.
Article | Preaching >
How the ancient texts can speak to the present time
Article | Children >
Practical ways to minister to children
Article | Parenting >
Certain times call for reminders to claim stillness over raging storms.
Article | Singles >
Why do singles groups always have to look like competitions?
Article | Christian Living >
Instead of dividing, try uniting.
Article | Cause >
Humanitarian organizations offer gift catalogues to help the most needy in addition, or as an alternative, to your regular Christm»
Article | Devotionals >
The church is an unseemly collection of misfit toys.
Article | Devotionals >
Jesus fed the multitudes.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Has the church's mantra become "Just a little bit more"?»