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Article | Children >
Practical ways to minister to children
Article | Preaching >
How the ancient texts can speak to the present time
Article | Parenting >
Certain times call for reminders to claim stillness over raging storms.
Article | Singles >
Why do singles groups always have to look like competitions?
Article | Christian Living >
Instead of dividing, try uniting.
Audio | Podcast >
The Day I Met Biniyam | Sheridan Voysey
Listen to this interview with my new sponsor child Biniyam, from Ethiopia.
Article | Cause >
Humanitarian organizations offer gift catalogues to help the most needy in addition, or as an alternative, to your regular Christm»
Article | Devotionals >
The church is an unseemly collection of misfit toys.
Blog Entry | Blogs >
I have not been feeling very well since last night.  A flu bug has taken away my desire for food.  I have however hungered and thirst for God.  I have been desiring more and more of God daily, but as I was sick and in pain all I wanted was help from God.  He was my only source of comfort...That has not always been the case.  For years I turned to food for comfort.  I remember being a little girl and go»
Blog Entry | Blogs >
The post yesterday, about the Kingdom of God, ended on a note that mentioned that I don’t believe the Kingdom of God is found in the Institutional church. This, (heavily influenced by Moltmann) is kind of a continuation of that thought, and the converse: that being members of the Kingdom doesn’t mean we ignore institutions.This does not mean we are not to engage with institutions at all.   Jesus practiced civil disobedience towards»