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Article | Wellness >
A review of "The Life of the Body" by Hess and Arnold, who examine the interrelationship between body and soul.»
Article | Music >
Christian singer/songwriters Cindy Morgan and Andrew Greer talk about their Hymns for Hunger Tour. Listen as Morgan and Greer disc»
Article | Books >
Amy Young reflects on lessons of trust from Debbie Blue's book "Consider the Birds."»
Article | Health >
You can maintain a healthy balance between vanity and self-neglect by following these practical tips.
Article | Health >
A look at which ingredients really are in the famous McDonald's "McRib," and why you shouldn't eat it.»
Article | Spiritual Practices >
"With hospitality as a central spiritual discipline, I love the idea of hosting, but I do not immediately leap with joy at th»
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Discovering the true significance of fasting.
Article | Children >
Practical ways to minister to children
Article | Preaching >
How the ancient texts can speak to the present time
Article | Missions >
Juan Galloway suggests that we need the poor — they are indispensable.