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Article | Children >
Practical ways to minister to children
Article | Preaching >
How the ancient texts can speak to the present time
Article | Parenting >
Certain times call for reminders to claim stillness over raging storms.
Article | Singles >
Why do singles groups always have to look like competitions?
Article | Christian Living >
Instead of dividing, try uniting.
Audio | Podcast >
The Day I Met Biniyam | Sheridan Voysey
Listen to this interview with my new sponsor child Biniyam, from Ethiopia.
Article | Cause >
Humanitarian organizations offer gift catalogues to help the most needy in addition, or as an alternative, to your regular Christmas spending.
Article | Devotionals >
The church is an unseemly collection of misfit toys.
Blog Entry | Missions >
A few of my fellow teammates decided to write a blog for each of our countries, focusing on specific prayer needs for each country.  My country of choice is, obviously, Swaziland.  (To see prayer blogs for the Phillippines, China, India, Nepal, Romania, Moldova, and South Africa…
Blog Entry | Missions >
Written by Leah Malone The world is FULL of beautiful stories.   I wonder if you’ve watched one too many news reports lately about hateful injustice and starving children and crashing economies that the beautiful stories, the ones about hope and redemption, have over time been …